Does My Child or Teen Need Counseling

I’m going to give it to you straight. Chances are high that if you’re wondering about this, then yes, your child would benefit. 

Or, let me put it to you another way. Do you remember your childhood and teen years? Remember those moments where you were either so confused, scared, sad, angry or anxious? Well, consider what a child in the 21st century may be grappling with: 


those same feelings (granted the cause of these feelings, of course, can be different)

+ technology overstimulation 

+ a faster pace society 

+ a faster, flashier Western Culture (here in the United States at least)  

+ even more stressed out parents because money just does not go as far as it used to


Our kids and teens are given more and more stressors with which to contend each passing decade, it seems. I know that I personally could not have dealt with my teen years and social media bullying or peer pressure too! I mean, I was probably flirting with it as it was back in the days of chatrooms.

Reflect on your adult days where you are operating in overwhelm. Are you calm? Are you rational? Balanced? Likely not. 

In my practice I see children and teens who’s parents express concerns of anxious or depressed thoughts and moods, and behavioral issues at home or school. There can be organic causes to these symptoms e.g. brain chemistry is not equal one person to the next. However, I find more and more that the kids I meet with in my office are overwhelmed and frankly something had to give. 

That’s when you are more likely to notice something is off with your child or teen. When the overwhelm is no longer manageable for them - when being young is actually just way too hard. Depending on where they fall in their development, kids might not even have the verbal skills to share what they have going on inside! You want to console your child or teen, but at that point they might not even know how to describe the path that led them to their current state. Their feelings feel too big, their thoughts feel like doctrine, their behaviors ‘just happen’. Fortunately, there are Therapists and Counselors like myself who are experts at helping them discover those causes and teach them how to cope.

In closing, yes your child or teen needs counseling. Honestly, it’s my opinion that in this day and age, we all do.