You've noticed a change in your school age son or daughter...

"Another 'Parent Contact' on the classroom's color Behavioral Management Chart. He lost tomorrow's recess privileges - again."

"Whenever the kids are packing to stay at their father's for the weekend, my daughter cries. Whenever they come home from the visit, my son is out-of-control!"

Kids of today are asked  to understand, control and share their thoughts and feelings appropriately across a vast array of settings: the classroom, the school yard, home, sometimes more than one home, the grocery store, the sports field, etc, all while maintaining perfect behavior. Maybe your child could manage these tasks but suddenly, he or she can't anymore. Or, maybe he/she has never quite got the hang of this balancing act and seems to somehow be doing worse. 

angry boy
tech girl
sad boy

Our Therapists specialize in supportive, individualized therapy to help children work through issues by meeting them where they are at and then walking with them step-by-step as I provide and teach them the coping tools and social strategies that will help them navigate the many areas of their lives.

This can look a lot less than what you might typically imagine when you consider therapy - there's not a ton of deep, insightful talks. Working with children requires a more creative, inferred approach that often takes the shape of Play Therapy, Sand Tray, Creative Art Interventions and Worksheets.

We believe that through the therapeutic relationship children are mentored and are able to grow, mature and overcome obstacles. Yes, your child has you, and clearly you care about their well-being, or you wouldn't be reading this site! But, do you remember being a kid and how likely you were to let your parents and caregivers help you? Not always that simple - right?

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