You made it! You're attending college! The plan is finally happening in realtime!

So, why don’t you feel better about life?

Adulting is hard, and you are learning just what it entails in real time. You try to share your thoughts and feelings about it with family but they don’t seem to quite appreciate the multitasking, multi personas, and multi relationships you manage each and every day!

Being a young adult in the 21st century is entirely different than what it was even one generation ago. That feeling of overwhelm, the confusion as to ‘why do I feel this way’ is valid!

Sometimes we need someone to listen without judgement or without sharing the ever so helpful “when I was your age” anecdotes. Sometimes we need to gather all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that is our life and ask for help putting them together. Bring your puzzle to me, and let’s get to work on making sense out of the chaos.

college woman
college man

You may need support with:

  • Academic Stress

  • Feeling Homesick

  • Relationship Struggles

  • Time Management

  • Self Confidence

  • Making Friendships

  • Mood Swings

When you meet, your TherapistI will help you to sort out why you might be experiencing the difficulties or strains that you are. We will explore the path that has lead you to your present moment, and uncover how it may be still impacting you today. Then we will make and put into practice a customized plan make your life the one you envisioned growing up!

Let's change things. Together.

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