Initial Consults and Intakes are where your Therapist learns about you and/or your child/teen, what brought you and/or your family to counseling, what’s working what’s not, explain the counseling process and answer any questions you may have.

Given the amount of ground we try to cover, this process is a combine 80-minutes long but spans across 2 appointments:

  1. a 30-minute Initial Phone Consult with the parent(s)or Client themself.

  2. a 50-minute In-Person Intake with child/teen and parent(s).

Initial Consult and Intake services are billed separately but combine total $250. Your clinician may determine alternative intake appointments (e.g. additional consultations) to get you started.

We charge $145 per therapeutic hour/session (50-minutes), for individual sessions (child, teenager or adult), and $165 for collateral family counseling or parent consultations (in-person or over the phone) per therapeutic hour/session (50-minutes).

We do not bill through insurance, but do provide 'Super Bills,' or a list of services, for you to provide your Insurance for your reimbursement.

Contact us today to set up your Initial Phone Consult where we can discuss this as well as I how I can help you and your child enjoy your life, and relationships, more!