No One Has a "Perfect Family"

You need a barometer - "Is what I'm seeing in my son or daughter typical?" They need a compass - they don't know where to turn, even though they have you. In the meantime everyone is feeling lost at sea.

The talking back, and the language! Disrespect seems to run rampent in your home, both passively and directly. You remember having a hard time growing up, but this is something else! And heaven forbid anyone follows through on their chores or homework! Everyone seems to be clamoring for their own space and independence and wanting to be listened to and looked after at the same time - but how?!

family argue

Our Therapists specialize in being that “way finder” – a guide, a listener for your child and for you. We’re available to be there for you when you just need time and space to sort out of life’s complexities: behaviors or relationships that have you stuck, difficult feelings you can’t shake. Professionally and personally we've witnessed counseling contribute to the turn around of low moods and undesired behaviors.  Unfortunately, we've also seen the worsening of these symptoms when children, teens or their parents just wait and see if things will get better. Sometimes we all need "way finder".  Let's take on these uncharted waters of your family's story, together.

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