Your intentions are good... You just want to be a super parent - The perfect mom, partner or friend, daughter, employee BUT

You're ready for bed the second you wake up to start your day.

Your 'go get 'em' spunk has got up and left.

You've got brains in your head, your heart on your sleeve ... annnd no idea when you last did something for yourself.

Sound familiar?

You're at a time in your life where you want to find easy. Not greasy 'fast food' easy but 'life actually doesn't have to be so hard', easy. You resolve to chase this goal - especially after your routine ‘I’m overwhelmed’ therapeutic cry (we all have them). But before you know it, the sun rises the next day, and you're back to your grind. The cycle repeats. Again and again.

Maybe you’re stuck in this cycle because you’re simply not comfortable putting yourself first? If so, you’re not alone! So many mothers (truthfully many parents, but we’re focusing on the mamas) will go above and beyond for their children, their partner, their parents, their friends, their job, but put themselves on the back burner. Well, let’s consider the impact your lacking self-care is having on your relationships. You know the old adage, ‘One cannot pour from an empty cup’? This just in: it’s true!

You can’t nurture your children and family if you aren’t taken care of first. You are tired of feeling so depleted and carrying that nagging suspicion that you just aren’t attuned to your kids the way you want to be. Through counseling we look at what’s working, and what’s not; we explore relational patterns that may stand in the way of making positive changes; and work together to empower you to practice real, attainable, and meaningful self-care.

I help moms break the cycle of crap-tastic self-care, get confident and start making life more YOUtastic!

Let's change things. Together.

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If you are in need of couples support, I highly recommend my suite mate, Debra Pace, LMFT.