You think your child could possibly benefit from some extra support, but are wondering “are they too young for counseling?”

There has been some big changes and events in your home and family. Life has thrown some curve balls and you know your little one(s) have noticed or witnessed it. You’re seeing a change in how your child interacts with others, and have concerns about these changes become permanent. You wish there was a way to help his or her young brain to express and process what’s been happening. You’re not sure how to explore the impact life may be making on him or her, but you really feel it needs to happen!

Allow me to introduce you to Play Therapy. We know that children’s brains learn and process through repetition and creative play. Play Therapy uses this knowledge to create a provide therapeutic support for children, typically 3 - 12 years old - though truthfully, anyone can benefit from Play Therapy. Children might not necessarily have the vocabulary yet to tell you “I feel nervous when I hear you fight” or “I feel lonely in the evening” but they can demonstrate their feelings through play! They may not have the social emotional mastery to explain how powerless they feel when being picked on my peers, but they can attempt to problem solve and resolve these conflicts in their play!

Play therapy can be the primary or supplemental support for issues related to:

Life Transitions/Changes

  • New Baby

  • New School

  • Divorce and Separation

  • Death and Illness

  • Crisis and Trauma


Personal Struggles

  • Academic and social development

  • ADD and ADHD,

  • Anxiety and Depression,

  • Learning Differences,

  • Conduct Disorders,

  • Pervasive Developmental Disorders

  • Autism

I have advanced training in play therapy techniques and have utilized it in my practice for the last 10 years. While not yet a formally Registered Play Therapist, I am in the process of acquiring that credential.

Request an Appointment today and learn how I can support your child with Play Therapy today!