Something is going on with your teen...

"She hasn't come out of her room all weekend, and I can't remember when I last saw her smile."

"It's like no matter what is said, he comes back with an attitude and an argument!"

Being a teen in the 21st century is quite different from what it meant to be a teen before. The world has changed. The culture has changed. The boundaries of social norms have expanded and continue to do so.

Not only is our world different but sometimes these problems can be deeper then just little issues we blow out of proportions.  (Thank you social media) While it is true there are some exciting moments during the adolescent timeframe, it is important to recall that our teen years are frequently a source of stress and distress, especially during the years between ages 15-19.

This age range can of course be broadened due to other life events that anyone, at any age, would find difficult. For example the loss of a loved one, financial problems, poor health or family problems. But let’s look at why our teen years, or adolescence, can be particularly difficult.

sad teen girl
tech teen boy

As children grow out of their childhood into their preteen and teen years, they are grappling with tremendous changes in virtually all aspects of their lives. 

  • Promote/Graduate from Elementary to Middle or Middle to High Schools.

  • Puberty begins, effecting not only the physical body, but its biology as well

  • The changes brought about by puberty impact the child/teen’s previous view of self and can, for better or worse, influence how he or she conducts relationships with peers, family, and social communities.

  • Alternatively, the changes of puberty can influence the way in which a child/teen’s peers, family members and social community interact with him or her.

Considering all the compounded change happening all at once, it is understandable how one might feel distressed or stressed during adolescence, especially if that teenager did not master a solid set of coping strategies, flexible thinking, or communication skills! It's like flying blind!

As a parent, you may recognize those blindspots in your teen; however, I regret to inform you (though you may be painfully aware) that often times, parents are the last source of insight that they will turn to.

We want to help you help your teen, and help your family get back to feeling united.

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